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We are CTCed, the change catalyst bridging the gap between Contemporary College Education and the IT Industry. We train young professionals by providing them hands-on training to make them industry ready. Our professional app development programs are designed with fresh thinking and reliable guidance to cover all the aspects of web and mobile app development.

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Office: CRC Building,Sector 4,
Noida 201301,
Uttar Pradesh,India
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Vision & Mission

To “Change The Conventional Education” system by bridging the gap between Contemporary Education and progressive needs of the IT Industry. The modern day world of knowledge created by Edkos will focus on skill and employability instead of age old curriculum and degrees. We will preach how to devise a pragmatic approach towards education and training with focus on innovation and creativity.
To replace the old school methods of conventional education with pragmatic techniques. To reinstate the focus of modern education on skill development for students to be industry ready. Securing the future of fresh talents by enhancing employability in the technical education horizon by concentrating on their hands-on training and overall development.

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If you are a student pursuing engineering or other technical courses like MCA, and interested in getting trained and industry ready by joining Edkos, you may recommend your college to us. We will approach your institution and convince them with the benefits of our training courses for the students as well as the College.